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There are things in our lives that we can look back on and realize they were a blessing in disguise.  We can’t always see the bigger picture at the moment and, in fact, almost always can’t.  This was one of those moments, for me.

When my youngest son was around 7 months old, he developed severe eczema that no prescription medicine or steroid cream would touch.  I struggled with followup appointments and changes in prescriptions and $200-some dollar tubes of medicated whatevers that always ended up with the same result, a splotchy, red, dry patchy skinned baby that itched all day and all night; they did nothing except clean out my wallet.

Around Christmas of 2014, my husband asked me if there was anything else I might want as a gift.  I told him about this oils kit that my sister purchased and it had me intrigued, wanting to learn more.  He looked at me with–well, you know, THAT look, and asked me what I thought I was going to do with these oils.  I told him I had no idea, but I wanted them anyway.  (Hey, you asked what I wanted).  I got the I’m-learning-to-pick-and-choose-my-battles look once more from him, but he nodded and said, okay.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this situation was no different.  This particular day, I had just sat down after yet one more doctor’s appointment leaving me deflated and feeling helpless for my little guy, not knowing what else I could possibly do.  Just as that thought entered my head, the phone rings, and a very good friend of mine was on the other end, calling to talk about a few suggestions and really just trying to help in any way she could. Towards the end of the conversation, she says, “Oh, by the way, I’m having an essential oils class at my house tomorrow night.  Come on over.  It’ll be fun!”  Are you serious?  I had this oils kit that I got a few weeks earlier sitting in my closet, not knowing what to do with it other than open all the bottles and take a whiff.

Hauling two little ones along with a diaper bag, blankie, bottles, cups, snacks, and my oils kit, I sat down on my friend’s couch, anxiously awaiting the start of the class. As the teacher of the class spoke about each individual oil in the starter kit, she mentioned a cream you could make with the oils that could be used to help skin afflictions.  Whoa.  That was the moment.  Like THE moment. You know, like when chills run up and down your spine, time freezes kinda moment.  My face flushed a bit and I’m sure I missed the next few seconds of what she said, my mind still lingering on this cream.  I waited patiently until the end and then I approached her and asked for the recipe for this cream she spoke about.  I didn’t know if she could tell or not, but I was on the verge of tears, thinking maybe this was it.  Maybe this would be the answer for my sweet little boy and his terrible skin issues.


I gathered the ingredients and started using the cream immediately.  The picture on the right was taken about 2 days after starting the cream.  That was it.  I never looked back.  This was the answer to my prayers.  Not only did I discover this whole new world of more natural healing and taking advantage of the resources put on this earth for us to use, I’ve met some of the most positive and inspiring people along the way, people I might not have ever come in contact with otherwise.

Yeah, things happen for a reason.  This was definitely a blessing in disguise.

Check out my Essential Oils 101 video HERE !